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Our school

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For schools:

1. Science Events organizing

2. Scientific Visits

3. Weekend Camps

4. Summer Science Camp

5. Labs and science clubs Preparation

1- We organized a tailored camps and events for your students including the main categories of STEM program, that includes: space and astronomy, electronics and robots, electricity and magnetism, energy and environment, medical and biological science. Please check our summer activities time schedule


Every device or experiment kit has been chosen carefully in accordance with the international standards of STEM and are scalable to fit almost any ages between 8 and 16.

3- We organize scientific visits for your students for almost every know research or industrial firm or entity in Sudan including: the solar cell manufacturing facility, natural science museum, department of metrology and weather forecasting, food industries facilities, … etc.

4- We make every week end a special day for your school and your students, a full day scientific event in one of our topics and categories.

5- Building or establishing a science club or a science lab is a part of our job. We help you decide what kind of club you want to build and provide you with the best and latest equipment and kits you need.

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